Banquet halls in the center of Krasnodar for weddings, Jubilees - Platan GC, Platan-Lux


Banquet halls of the restaurant "Platan" and "Lux-Platan" Krasnodar is a traditional site for celebrating as a small and modest wedding as gorgeous and big. The room size, the number of tables and chairs it will comfortably seat the guests and the color of the walls and textiles will fit the colors that you have already approved with the decor-Thor.
But overall, our restaurants provide a feast to all necessary, suggest suitable in advance the number of seats in the hall.
But at desire there it is possible to deliver the necessary furniture and decor, which are able to completely change the interior of the site, and at Your request, may conduct on-site registration.
When ordering a wedding Banquet SUITE at the gift Suite!
On all matters of the restaurant to address on bodies: 8(988) 240-51-71 Restaurant "Platan" 8(861)268-00-71 Restaurant "Lux-Platan" 8(861)262-86-86 All the rental rooms contact tel.: 8(861)268-26-16 8(861)268-30-07